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Full Foot care

Podiatry assess, diagnose and treat conditions relating to the foot and the lower limb.

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Podiatry Excellence

It’s so easy to neglect our feet, and yet they’re fundamental to how we feel, move, perform and live. Don’t let pain or unhealthy feet hold you back.

Our bespoke podiatry treatments aim to diagnose and resolve minor foot ailments, including pain, growths and infections. We take care of your feet in order to improve your overall health, mobility and wellbeing.

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About Eden Podiatry Clinic

Podiatry is the modern name for Chiropody. Both are protected titles and require a recognised Diploma or Degree qualification and compliance with the HCPC regulation and annual certification. 

In order to maintain registration we need to complete serval hours of Continual Professional Development every 12 weeks, log this and complete a reflective account. The training we do is very broad from first aid and fire to autism awareness, mental health to functional biomechanics and diabetes and the risks to the feet. We need to have an audit trail for all our cleaning and can only buy products from registered websites e.g. Canonbury to ensure quality control and safety. 

Our professional body is the Royal College of Podiatry and together with NICE they give us professional guidance and standards to work towards. The College provide us with our liability insurance.

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