Inflammation of the joints, tendons and ligaments


The word “arthritis” means “joint inflammation.” However, inflammation may also affect the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint. The symptoms can develop gradually or suddenly and may impair a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks. 

Its associated with gait, occupation, age medical history and can be hereditary.

How we help with Arthritis

Key to this is assessment and diagnosis. It involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at the kinetic chain: structures, alignment, strengths and weaknesses of bones, muscles, ligament and tendons. The foot is a complex structure; 28 bones, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles, bearing our body weight as we walk every day. 

Consideration needs to taken also with regards to a systemic cause such as an inflammatory condition e.g. rheumatoid, gout or psoriasis for which we will need to request your doctor to do a series of blood tests. 

Treatment includes rest, stretching, strengthening, change of shoes, orthotics, topical anti-inflammatory agents. Once we have a diagnosis we can signpost or refer patients to the appropriate services. Health education will be give together, supported with a free leaflet, with treatment for any secondary issues arising like corns ad callous that develop as a result of pressure and friction.