Diabetes related conditions

Advanced treatment options for diabetes sufferers 

Diabetes related conditions

We pride ourselves on offering advanced treatment options to improve patient care and treatment results. We specialize in foot and wound care for patients affected by diabetes.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing complications from any wounds on their feet. These complications stem from a decrease in blood flow in the legs and feet, and a decrease in feeling in the hands and feet (neuropathy). The ability to feel a wound present on the feet is important for treatment and care. If you experience neuropathy, you may not know you have a wound on your feet until it is too late.

How we help with Diabetes

Through continued patient education and regular foot care appointments, we can help you determine if you are at risk for diabetes-related foot ulcers. Our podiatrists want to make sure patients with diabetes are aware of any issues or wounds and receive the best treatment to prevent such problems from occurring.  

Once a year we will complete a diabetic foot assessment as recommended in NICE government guidance, checking your foot pulses and if you have any neurological deficit. To ensure a strict hygiene regime in the clinic, all instruments are sterilized and surfaces wiped between patients.

On completion of the assessment patients are given health education advice on how to look after their feet and issued with a free diabetic footcare leaflet.