Ingrowing or Involuted Toenails

Pressures and traumas of the nails

Ingrowing or involuted toenails

Nails can be subjected to various pressures and trauma and if the nail starts to curve downwards we call this an involuted ail. The pressure from the nail can be very uncomfortable and lead to a build-up of callous under the nail. The nail needs cut back carefully and any callous removed to reduce the risk of an ingrowing nail developing.

An ingrowing nails is where the nail has actually pierced the skin and inflammation and / or infection ( redness, swelling, heat, pus and pain ) with possible hypergranulation tissue has developing. This can lead rapidly to a clinical emergency and should not be ignored. It can lead to cellulitis and ultimately sepsis. If you suspect this contact your doctor for antibiotics and contact us asap. Diabetics and people who are immunocompromised need to take extra care and act quickly.