Our Clinic

About Eden Podiatry Clinic

Podiatry is the modern name for Chiropody. Both are protected titles and require a recognised Diploma or Degree qualification and compliance with the HCPC regulation and annual certification. You can check if your podiatrist is state registered by looking on the HCPC website at: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/check-the-register/

In order to maintain registration we need to complete serval hours of Continual Professional Development every 12 weeks, log this and complete a reflective account. The training we do is very broad from first aid and fire to autism awareness, mental health to functional biomechanics and diabetes and the risks to the feet. We need to have an audit trail for all our cleaning and can only buy products from registered websites e.g. Canonbury to ensure quality control and safety. 

Our professional body is the Royal College of Podiatry and together with NICE they give us professional guidance and standards to work towards. The College provide us with our liability insurance.

Our sterilising equipment

All our instruments are pre washed in a sonic cleaner, sterilized to 132 degrees and 2 bars of pressure. In the diary each clinic date has to have an auditable printed proof of usage of sterilised instruments. 

The autoclave has to be annually inspected, recalibrated and certified by an external specialist and the clinic can be inspected at any time by CQC or the local council. 

Our rubbish has to be segregated to general waste, contaminated waste and sharps, this is collected by a specialist private company and again this is audited. 

Eden Podiatry Clinic Treatment Room

The people who come to our clinic are very varied. We have a clinic room downstairs which has been assessed by Disability England. There is a small front step but if you let us know in advance we can place a ramp to ease your entrance. There is however no accessible patient toilet. Patients who contact the clinic will be asked a series of questions to ensure we can help and if not we will sign post patients to the appropriate service. A registration form will be completed with demographic details, a suitable appointment booked and a confirmation letter sent out. 

Patients attend the clinic with a variety of problems. Some have basic issues and require the patients having a regular maintenance programme such as with thickened nails which are hard to cut and with age difficult to reach and see. Corns and Callous: they are caused by pressure and shearing stress. To reduce discomfort and further development you need to offload e.g. wide toe box and apply cream to reduce friction. Regular sharp debridement helps maintain a comfortable gait. Both conditions if allowed to overgrow can lead to bruising, infection and cellulitis all which will reduce your mobility and put your health at risk. Never use a metal grater, corn plaster or salicylic acid prep, they put you at risk of ulceration and infection.